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6657RE: [wsjtgroup] Meteor Scatter charts

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  • Charlie Calhoun, K5TTT
    Dec 8, 2009

      See below for my answers.


      Are you on LOTW, Bob?  I need KY on LOTW and we should be able to work just about any time via meteors and WSJT.  You might also check out this page http://www.ykc.com/wa5ufh/WSJTGROUP/randomhour.htm  Random hour takes place every Sat. and Sun. mornings and you will find more stations operating during these times.  You can coordinate schedules with other stations via pingjockey linked below.


      73 and good luck!

      Charlie, K5TTT


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      I've got WSJT running for my FT-950 and 8el 6m beam. Though I haven't
      decoded anyone yet, i can guess that's because there isn't much in the
      amount of rocks falling at the moment (Daytime in KY).

      Where does everyone look for pointing info/programs to locate the
      major/minor showers ?  http://www.dl1dbc.net/MeteorScatter is a good place to tell you current showers and the optimal path for each current shower.  http://www.imo.net (International Meteor Organization) is a good place for more detail about all the showers and when they come/peak/go.

      And where should I point for random occurrences?  Where ever you want to listen. Is this also predicated
      on time of day? Like Sunrise/Sunset versus i the night or in the day?  The direction of the earth’s rotation favors midnight to noon.  During this time, the earth (where ever you are) is moving into the path of the meteors.  During the rest of the day, you are on the back side of the earth and meteors have to catch up to the earth on your side of the planet.  Most activity is when people get on, though, from 6pm to 2am.  There are more folks on during major showers, especially earlier in the morning.

      I let the Auto-Xmit run for a couple hours while I read the WSJT manual.
      During transmit there was just the single tone sound my 950 puts out.
      How does one very the output is modulating versus a key-own cw waveform?  Not sure I understand this question.  If you were calling CQ, it should not have been a single tone.  There is no modulation to be done.  You should have your rig in USB and adjust the output tones via your computer’s soundcard mixer’s volume control.  It doesn’t need to be very high at all normally.

      That is, "if" one doesn't have a spare Rx.

      Is there a fairly common web-site place to casually set-up attempts at
      random-meteor scheds/contacts?  No doubt on this one, http://www.pingjocket.net/cgi-bin/pingtalk

      thanks for the help

      Bob, KD7YZ

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