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662Dr James Dobson's Plea

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  • Kim
    Oct 18, 2003
      I'm new to the group and because I have an interest in weak sig.
      scatter and trying new methods I signed up.
      In yesterdays email msgs from the group there was one that irked me.
      Although Dobsons message may to some have no relevance to what this
      group promotes, The message is not "crap" to me, and I noticed several
      call signs of others who although they may not respond, I believe
      feel the same way as I do..
      I'am putting my 6 meter station together here in SE Arizona and will
      be utilizing your methods to try to work as many of you as I can,
      I'm not here to personally attack any of you or your beliefs or
      Thanks for hearing me out and
      73 for now,
      Bisbee Az