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650WSJT on 706 Mark II ?

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Oct 1 7:55 PM
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      GE - any one running WSJT on a 706 Mark II (not "G"). I have a friend
      on active duty I'm trying to help set up via an occasional phone call
      and emails and I've never used a 706 or any Icom. He has newer Rascal
      (one you buy separate radio cord for - bought assembled, not kit). He
      thought he needed the cord to go to 13 pin DIN connector and got that
      one (pre wired) . So far he is not getting anything to the sound
      card. He has radio setup in vehicle with head mounted up front and so
      will need extension cables to reach when finished but has laptop and
      Rascal by main radio box in rear for testing and debugging. Questions
      that come to my mind:

      Will the 13 pin DIN work for AFSK? Is there a menu setting on the Mark
      II he needs to select to get signal out of (and into) the 13 pin DIN port?

      Is Rx audio on the rear 13 pin DIN jack fixed level like my FT-847?
      What is output audio impedance on the rear port? (Rascal I am familiar
      with has 8:1K isolation tranny and if the new model Rascal is like that
      and radio has 1K rec output, is that killing receive going to the 8 ohm
      side of input?

      Any suggestions appreciated. We are working to just get him receiving
      now. If we can get him up and going, we may have us a 6m portable/rover
      in EM51, 61 and 71 for 3-4 months. He may have a chance to get home
      this weekend and I would like to be able to help him one evening.

      Thanks in advance - Bruce, KD5IUG PSE email direct to me