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  • Vlad_UA6JD
    Nov 1, 2009
      Hello, Mike.
      double-right-clicking on a callsign in
      either one of the decoded text windows causes
      generate HF macros with "DB" level .
      Double-right-clicking does also activates "Auto On".

      Best regards
      73 Vlad UA6JD
      gadgets to your www.qrz.com
      examples http://www.qrz.com/db/ua6jd
      just double-click and install

      You wrote :
      > Hi group,

      > Well last night I worked one station on 160 meters.I am going to give it
      > another try tonight. I'll be CQing on 1835 KHZ USB JT65A at 0400 UTC. That
      > is one hour later than last night. I am still not totally familiar with the
      > HF protocol regarding signal reports. I know the report consists of the
      > "noise number" but I am a bit confused regarding the "RO" and "RRR" stuff
      > and the proper sequence that they are sent. Is "RO" used to acknowledge the
      > other stations signal report if so then what is the purpose of "RRR", or on
      > HF do I use them at all?


      > Mike KL7AR
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