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6278Re: [wsjtgroup] Posting on Maps & Reflectors

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  • nw_ebw@MMMonVHF.de
    Aug 8 11:57 AM
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      Les Rayburn schrieb:
      > I think it's important to post all our meteor scatter contacts to the
      > VHF Maps, and reflectors. Many weak signal VHF guys are not aware of how
      > many contacts they're missing out on by not being involved with WSJT.
      > Seeing that MS contact pop up on an otherwise empty map is a great,
      > visual reminder that contacts are being made, even when they believe
      > that the band is dead. This is especially important during the upcoming
      > Perseids meteor shower, and during the Fall months when six meters is
      > usually dead.
      > I think posting our contacts on the other traditional weak signal
      > reflectors is a great way to "drum up some business".
      > 73,
      > Les Rayburn, N1LF

      Hi Les, and MS friends...

      have a look what happened in the first hours of the Perseids
      here in Europe: http://www.mmmonvhf.de/ms.php We will try
      to keep up the activity MAP during the shower and the MS SPRINT
      Contest at 12 august... Have fun and good Perseids!
      Mit freundlichem Gruß / best regards

      73 de Guy (Guido) D L 8 E B W
      QTH: JO31NF / DL66a MMMonVHF
      VHF-DX: MS & EME in WSJT & HSCW

      Member of the Team of MMMonVHF
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