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6265Re: [wsjtgroup] Tx1 ... Why add to it?

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  • Clay W7CE
    Aug 8, 2009
      > 1. Prior to receiving both calls, only send both calls (or CQ plus your
      > call). *
      > * For random contacts it is acceptable to send your grid with the CQ, but
      > in
      > that case the grid square must NEVER be used as the report.
      > 73, Russ K2TXB

      Your explanation of how things should work implies that the grid reporting
      option (necessary for contest Q's) can never be used if you sent your grid
      with the CQ. In grid reporting, you report your grid in either TX2 or TX3
      as part of the normal sequence. In either reporting system there is nothing
      wrong with sending your grid along with the CQ. The redundancy of sending
      it with the CQ and then later with TX2 does not invalidate the contact or
      make it confusing.

      Likewise, if you're in the normal reporting system, then sending your grid
      along with TX1 has no impact on the remainder of the exchange. It's simply
      an extra piece of unrequired info. No different then sending "73 Tnx" for
      TX5. It may require longer pings for a good decode, but that should be left
      up to the operators and the conditions to determine. I don't see any need
      for a hard and fast rule here. I suppose some might be confused by this (is
      it TX1 normal report, or TX2 grid report?). However, if someone answers my
      "CQ W7CE CN87" with "W7CE K7*** DN13" this is no room for confusion. The
      only valid possibility is that they are sending TX1, since TX2 can only be
      sent after both calls have been copied.

      Clay W7CE
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