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6024RE: [wsjtgroup] Picking a Bone With Gene

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  • Russ K2TXB
    May 4, 2009
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      Well Mike, if you don't think the US has converted to metric then you must never have to work on any cars, tractors, lawn mowers, wheelbarrows, etc with hand tools.  These days it is not only necessary to have a full set of wrenches and sockets in both US and metric sizes; you also have to maintain a stock of metric sized nuts, bolts, and washers.  Also metric size taps and dies.  And this is just for a hobbyist.  I imagine that any auto shop would tell of an even greater requirement.
      Also I see a lot of road signs, these days that show distances in KM.  Medical tubing is measured in centimeters as are a lot of other medical and scientific supplies and tools.
      While I like the old 1/4, 3/8. 7/16, 1/2, 5/8, 9/16, 3/4. 7/8 inch wrenches, it is time to realize that it would be better if the whole world was on the same standard.  Of course places that sell tools are making out with the current dual system as they get to sell twice as much stuff.
      73, Russ K2TXB
      PS: It seems pretty petty to "Lose Respect" for Gene over such a small point.  I have known Gene for many years and he is a very enthusiastic VHF and above operator and supporter.  I also do not agree with his comments on FSK441, but I can respect the man without requiring him to always agree with me.

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      Joe - WDØM wrote:
      > "Many years ago US Metric Association took a survey to determine which
      > countries have /officially/ adopted the metric system. According to
      > that survey, the only other countries besides the U.S. that have not
      > /officially/ adopted the metric system are *Liberia* (in western
      > Africa) and *Burma* (also known as *Myanmar*, in Southeast Asia)."
      > http://lamar. colostate. edu/~hillger/ internat. htm
      > I see the believers in non-metric standards are in good company
      > internationally.

      On this matter, what happens in some other country is unimportant. I
      remember a number of years ago when there was a big push to force the US
      to convert to metric. It didn't happen, and isn't likely to.
      /Unofficially or officially, the people of this country didn't/don't
      want it. / This argument reminds me of the parent asking the child why
      he/she did a particular thing, and the child responds "well, Bobby did
      it". It would appear that the influence of the US Metric Association is
      insignificant at best.

      Mike, W5UC
      "American by birth. Texan by the grace of God*
      http://www.the912pr oject.com
      http://www.suddenli nk.net/pages/ w5uc/

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