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6023Re: [wsjtgroup] Picking a Bone With Gene

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  • Joe - WDØM
    May 4, 2009
      Metrics are just to much easier to work with....no trying to figure out feet and inches.....when I lived in Germany, or traveled through Europe or Asia, it was so easy.  I'm ambi-dimensional, I suppose....I can get by with either - but metric measurement is just so logical...as highlighted when NASA used Imperial units of measurement instead of metrics, causing the Mars Climate Orbiter to miss its mark and destroy the spacecraft.

      Next time I'm in Europe, I'll pick up the tab for a pint and a plowmans at your favorite pub...until then, kilometers for measuring distance in WSJT sounds fine to me.



      Paul Whatton wrote:

      Hi Joe

      I couldn't be bothered to work out what 50MHz was- 19 feet something :-)

      While I'm at it can I just mention another thing on this topic that gets
      right up my nose. :-) Why oh why do M2 not give metric dimensions as
      well as inches in their instructions? I've bought three of their
      (excellent) antennas for 2m, a pair of 5W 17s for the contest group and
      a 9 ele which I use here at home. I sometimes have to assemble the 17
      eles in the dark, when it's cold and blowing a gale and when I'd really,
      really rather be tucked up in the warm pub (pub = bar) down the road.

      To centre just one element taking into account the variable boom
      diameter just isn't any fun at all using inches and fractions of them.
      And I have 34 of the damn things to do! On VHF National Field Day we run
      two arrays of 5W 17 eles which we assemble in a farmer's field and so
      that's 68 elements!!! Arghhhh! Millimetres would be so much easier...
      Trust me, it would. At least in the UK we have tape measures that have
      inches on them as well as metric.

      My poor friends inthe rest of Europe who have never seen an inch, let
      alone know what 6 of them look like, are stuffed!

      Why do M2 do this to us? Surely not arrogance or a one finger salute to
      their customers in Europe? Great yagis, bloody awful parochial instructions!

      Metric rules KO!

      73 Paul G4DCV

      Joe - WDØM wrote:
      > I always thought that mediocrity was a result of not trying harder to
      > understand new things and improve yourself.... .
      > "See y'all on the "6 foot 6 and 7 tenths band" (Thanks Paul!)
      > 73,
      > Joe
      > WDØM
      > Texan by accident of birth
      >> Mike(W5UC) & Kathy(K5MWH) wrote:
      >>> " Maybe so, maybe no. The reason we as a nation continue to drift
      >>> toward mediocrity is that we no longer stand up and say "I don't
      >>> like that", and others impose their will on us and move on."
      >>> Mike, W5UC
      >>> "American by birth. Texan by the grace of God*

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