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  • Randy Tipton
    Aug 9, 2003

      Please take the time to comment… this decision to move the call frequency needs a “Group Supported” agreement.  Study this note and any other notes relating to this subject in your email folders. (Several have commented)



      A Response is required! IS 50.260 A Better Frequency than .280 for helping the majority of operators! (This is due to the recognition of FM activity on 50.300 haunting some operators now and others in the future)


      Early counting (Second Edition)… again thanks to those who have responded. If you responded and I failed to capture your request please let me know. We are beginning to see a trend but hope for more input from stations that operate WSJT on six meters.


      10 stations report interference on 50.270 at this time

       7 stations willing to move the call frequency if it helps other operators

       2 station oppose  the move (AA1YN & K0SM; read their comments with an open mind)

       1 station who did not oppose / support the change of call frequency (K1SIX) but informs group of “bad” SSB interference on 50.275


      K1SIX is not along, AA1YN & KC7OTV all mentioned FM interference from FM stations on 50.300



      10 Stations report interference with birdies on 50.270

        3 Stations report interference with either FM on 50.300

        7 Station’s not opposed to moving…

        2 Opposed to moving (But one of the opposed mentions interference from .300 FM)


      Of those 17 stations with interference or not opposed to move… CHECK 50.260 as an alternative to 50.280 IN ORDER to help move the 3 Stations with FM interference further always from 50.300 operations and Bob further away from the .275 SSB operations in his area.


      The ideal is to benefit as many Six Meter Operators as Possible! So this will require you to once again VOICE YOUR RESPONSE …


      All who have responded and those who have not, Please submit if you can ALSO SUPPORT 50.260MHZ As the Calling Frequency for WSJT MODES!


      Those who have FM or SSB interference please respond if 50.260 would help you by moving down rather than up in frequency!


      Those who would benefit because of interference on 50.270



      List of stations who will support moving the call frequency if it helps other operators…



      List of stations opposed to moving the call frequency.

      K0SM – Concerned that the new call frequency will not be known by newbies and those who only get on for contests. (Brief, suggest reading Andy’s notes for details)

      AA1YN Personally I don't see the need for moving the calling freq.


      Other comments & frequencies recommended…

      KC7OTV Suggested we consider  moving even higher in freq. to 50.300 - . 600 to improve relations with SSB ops and reduce interference during F2 openings with JA’s on ssb.


      WD4KPD 50.275 would be better than .280 but still .280 much better than .270


      KD5IUG ask Chris to put the call frequencies top of PJ until everyone gets used to any change in calling frequency


      WA5UFH ask Joe to put Call Frequencies in“Help toolbar menu” similar to the F5 “help key”


      K1SIX Neither 270/280 are good because of a group of SSB operators that claim 50.275


      AA1YN In the midwest, there is a major start to use 50.300 as an FM calling
      50.300 thru 50.400 is an all mode section of the band and FM is allowed by
      the bandplan.


      N6ENU Add to list of notifications of call frequency change the WSJT Users Guide


      KG4LOG My birdies tend to move around a little and I seem to be able to work around most of them without a lot of trouble.


      KC7OTV 50.280 is also quiet in most directions to my station, but does get some FM scratching from 50.300 ops when 6 meters is open to my south. 


      I have tried to facilitate this as fairly as possible… If you see any opportunities or mistakes I have made, please comment to the group. I have thick Texas skin.


      Note this issue came up between Joe, John and myself as the rules for the next contest are being written. Preliminary rules are on the NAHSMS Contest WebPages with a request for comments to start after the 12th of this month. Site at http://www.qsl.net/wa5ufh/Rally/NAHSMS.htm



      Randy Tipton WA5UFH (Tip)
      Edna, Texas EL19pa
      Email            :

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      DigitalOnSix : http://www.qsl.net/digitalonsix/

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