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5943RE: [wsjtgroup] What happens when I goof with JT65A?

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  • CT1EKD
    Apr 13, 2009

      About Freeze and Freeze DF


      See it at manual page 27….. http://www.pe2pe.eu/images/WSJT_User_600_English.pdf


      Pedro CT1EKD


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      Subject: [wsjtgroup] What happens when I goof with JT65A?


      Let's say I am using JT65A and I make a bozo/rookie mistake (see: ht tp://www.obriensweb.com/bozoguidejt65a.htm)

      Like let's say I go to answer a CQ, and 15 seconds into my transmission I realize my TxDF is at ZERO because I FORGOT to click on it to set it equal to the Freeze DF of -300 Hz. What happens if I stop the transmission, click on TxDF to get the proper offset, and restart the transmission all in the same transmission period? How much of the transmission period contains unique versus repeat data? Is JT65A resending the same data several times during the period, or does it take the entire period to get through?

      On another topic, can someone explain what Freeze and Freeze DF REALLY mean?


      Mark Lunday

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