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  • W7RJR - Bob Raymond
    Mar 13, 2009
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      Hello everyone. I am new to the JT65A mode and enjoying many contacts.
      I would like to be able to permanently change a few of the text messages but can't seem to figure out exactly how? I'm using version
      5.9.7 r383 of WSJT. I've gone into SETUP/OPTIONS and seem to be able to change the text messages but when I close the program and restart they are not changed?? I've clicked on both SAVE options noted, to no avail.
      I hesitate to add that I am using Windows Vista!! Could this be a security issue in the folder? Where can I find out what the variable signs mean, e.g. %M, etc. Is there a list somewhere?

      A few of the stations I have worked have inserted my name in their 73.
      Are they doing this manually or are they using some way of looking it up on QRZ.com

      Sorry for the questions. Thanks for answers in advance.

      Bob, W7RJR