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5715Re: [wsjtgroup] Re: FSK441 vs JT6M -- when to use, + line noise

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  • K8TB
    Feb 1, 2009
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          I have found one of the easiest ways to find power line noise sets in the shack of a lot of us. Like many, I have a FT-817 as an ultimate backup/portable all around radio.
      Put it on 432, dig into the menu (yes, I had to use the manual), and turn off the AGC. A simple 430 beam, and away you go. Even the power line people were impressed, as at 430, the line noise can easily be located, rather than traveling along the power lines.

          tom bosscher  k8tb

      k4ymq wrote:

      There is one other situtation where JT6M far outshines 441. that is
      when a high noise floor is present. I have found that I can decode a
      ping through S5 to 6 noise level with JT6M where 441 decodes zip.
      But it is not a magic pill for noise, as it won't work through the S8
      to 9 that I have so often here. The power company and I are both
      chasing noise sources and I am getting better co operation. I am also
      making a big effort to eliminate sources of noise in my home. Found
      some suprises so far.. my washer and dryer generates noise even when


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