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5709Re: [wsjtgroup] FSK441 vs JT6M -- when to use

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  • k4xtt
    Feb 1, 2009
      Thank you Bill! Good post, the kind we need more of.
      What you have said here, I have been wondering about for some time. I
      have not had much luck with short jt6m pings and now I know why. After
      going to the International Meteor Associations web site this afternoon
      and spending several hours reading, I am just starting to understand
      some of the basic things which go on during a meteor burn. It sure
      opened my eyes! Must reading for understanding some of the
      characteristics of the propagation we use.

      Thanks again.
      victor K4XTT

      Bill W5WVO wrote:
      > I hope nobody is upset with my posting these little tutorials
      > for HSMS/WSJT newbies. If anyone thinks this is an inappropriate use
      > of this list, please email the list owner and let
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