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5696/26 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Jul 31, 2003
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      Had notes from W5SNX and WA5UFH - Dick was out of pocket and Tip was
      playing post-hurricane lumberjack Both say they expect to be back on
      this week.

      Station 2m
      K4FJW - "Zilch"
      K5CZD - heard and tried K4FJW
      KD5IUG - heard partial on K4FJW

      Station 6m
      K4FJW - heard and tried KD5IUG and K4QXX (did you all complete!)
      KC5CZD - heard and tried WA3LTB
      KD5IUG - heard and tried K4FJW and K4QXX - got parts of both ends of Tom
      and Burch working

      Will be out of pocket myself this weekend for family deal in FM03 - wish
      I could take some gear and activate grid but flying and staying in high

      Good luck to all Saturday and would someone post RH reminder to PJ and
      for folks to send their results to me - TNX and 73. Bruce, KD5IUG