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5485Signalink USB

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  • Douglas Wetzel
    Nov 18, 2008
      Thanks to Peter, OZ1PIF, Harry, LZ1BB, and some digging, I can report that the
      Signalink USB now works with wsjt on Kubuntu 8.04. Harry's file suggestion
      is for a bus mounted sound card...what did the trick with the USB was the

      pcm.radio {
      type hw
      card 1
      #device 1
      pcm_slave.radioslave {
      pcm radio
      rate 48000
      pcm.radioconv {
      type rate
      slave radioslave

      My system recognizes the Signalink USB as card 1, and I needed to comment out
      the device statement to get it to work. Otherwise, it's the same .asoundrc
      hidden file in the /home/<usr_name> directory.

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