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  • Randy Tipton
    Oct 1, 2008
      Dave I use the CQ 267 LZ1BB method for JT6M mode. I don't really have a
      reason, just a habit I guess.
      When trying to work weak e's across the pond I think it's best to use the
      method Eu is using rather than risk losing a contact. For FSK441 I use the
      U/D method on both six and two meters.

      The Up/Dn method is explained very well in the SOP. That link is on the PJ
      page. There is really no excuse for "not knowing" or am I too hard?

      I generally combine the CQXX together without a space then my call. The
      shorter the message the better for two meters pings. CQD5_WA5UFH vs.

      The other day I was calling CQD6 and a station called me D5. He probably
      decoded 5 instead of 6. Not a problem just moved up and worked him after
      hearing the off freq. ping.


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      Subject: [wsjtgroup] Re: CQ U/D method

      > You speak as though Europe has been doing MS longer than NA? Radios
      > were invented "after" the new world was discovered. In fact, well I
      > won't get into that :-)
      > Politics has nothing to do with it, although you would like to think that.
      > You method is very similar, see below
      > CQ 267 LZ1BB
      > CQ LZ1BB U7
      > I like yours better, but we are pretty established already.
      > 73
      > Dave NZ3M
      > --- In wsjtgroup@yahoogroups.com, Harry Popov <lz1bb@...> wrote:
      >> On Mon, 2008-09-29 at 15:56 +0000, wb3bel wrote:
      >> > 1. A lot of stations don't seem to understand the U/D method.
      >> > Calling U/D means that the station calling CQ is listening for
      >> > replies up or down from the frequency on which he is calling by some
      >> > integer number of kHz. So if you decode a station sending CQU7 or CQ
      >> > U7 while you are monitoring 50.260 this means the caller is listening
      >> > up 7 KHz and you should call them and listen for them on 50.267.
      >> This seems to be very complex for many of us. This was the reason
      >> European "Letter" system failed years ago. Now in Europe we do use very
      >> simple method:
      >> CQ 267 LZ1BB
      >> It means LZ1BB is listening for callers on 50.267 (if we operate 50Mhz).
      >> Symple and easy. Actually reading this discussion group I really wonder
      >> why NA amateurs are ignoring long term established MS practice of
      >> Europeans? All such details are very well established already in Europe
      >> by MS enthusiasts on 144 Mhz. You could just follow and use without any
      >> problem.
      >> Ignoring European experience and starting from scratch the MS procedures
      >> is mistake. You are just loosing time. It is not necessory to strugle
      >> all children deseases we already passed. I will give you an example.
      >> According all specialists Bulgarian alphabet is the most perfect
      >> alphabet in the world. Why? The answer from specialists is very simple:
      >> Because it was the last created alphabet in the world and took all the
      >> best features from all already known alphabets. (Many call Bulgarian
      >> alphabet Russian alphabet. Even Bill Gates. This is very wrong as
      >> Russian alphabet does never exists. The alphabet was created much before
      >> Russia was existing on the map as a country.)
      >> So looking for different MS procedures then those well established in
      >> Europe seems to have political reasons but not practical as EU
      >> procedures are very well proved and passed the examen of the time.
      >> Another thought. Who has interest from different standards of MS
      >> procedures in EU and NA? It will be better to have one standard isn't
      >> it?
      >> 73, Harry LZ1BB
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