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5336Re: CQ U/D method

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  • Dave Miller
    Oct 1, 2008
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      To the contrary, Dave,

      Please do not interpret my attempt at satire as any disrespect for the
      European community's ideas, discoveries, and accomplishments. Most of
      what I've learned about VHF weak signal work has come from the wealth
      of information that is available from European websites and your
      selfless pioneers who have so graciously shared their knowledge with
      the world.

      I am sure there are some who feel as you say, but I would hope they
      are a minority. One only needs to review the VHF QSO history on
      VH6VQ's excellent website to see the fruits of the European labors in
      terms of thousands of Aurora, ES, MS,.... contacts that are made each
      year by an impressive army of VHF enthusiasts!

      I myself think that we here in the US have much to learn from the
      European amateur radio community who have been the epitome of true
      electronics pioneers and experimenters. So from the US to Europe let
      me just say, thank you, and keep up the great work!

      de N9SS, Dave

      ps. Oh yes, and thank you that Yagi guy and to the rest of the world!

      > It would seem that, in both cases, an attitude of 'Not Invented Here'
      > prevails.
      > Oh great, that means nothing will change and confusion will still occur.
      > Situation normal, as in the rest of life, then?
      > Dave (G0DJA)

      my previous post:

      Thanks Harry,

      That does sound like a good system, and some of us do use that format
      for our random and contest operations. However, here in the US we try
      to complicate things as much as possible to make it more challenging
      to complete the QSO. So we try not to standardize on anything that
      might serve to diminish the thrill of making a contact.

      Some of us actually switch to vertical polarization just to make the
      signal weaker during band openings. And I myself am trying to make my
      first EME QSO on the pre-rising or post-setting moon, well before the
      proverbial 6db of free gain makes it far too easy!

      But thanks for your helpful advice and I look forward to working you
      one day on SunBounce!

      73's de N9SS, Dave
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