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531Re: Example JT6M sound files wanted.

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  • Jonathan Naylor
    Jul 8, 2003
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      Hi Roger

      > Check:
      > http://www.qsl.net/w3sz/JT44.htm
      > I put a whole bunch of JT44 files there with varying signal
      > to noise levels last year. I and others have used them for
      > testing...

      Indeed I used those test files when writing my JT44 implementation,
      this was before Joe did his source code release, hence my different
      decoding architecture. Thank you for making them available.

      The problem is that I want examples of JT6M (the new 6m MS mode) not
      JT44 which works fine. I think I have the transmit side working fine,
      but I always test against a known sound file to ensure that I don't
      propagate any mistakes that I've made.

      > 73,
      > ROger Rehr
      > W3SZ

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