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5276/21 Random Hour summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Jun 28 6:43 AM
      TNX to those that reported. I crashed and burned last night from long
      week of travels and meetings so tardy on finishing this report up. Nice
      to see WB2SIH and N4IS being heard - 1st report on Buff and Carlos I think.

      Station - 2m
      AF4O - worked K1JT, heard W5SNX tropo and WA3LTB calling AF4O
      K4FJW - heard N4IS on b/s while pointed west, W5SNX and WB2SIH
      K4MM - heard W5SNX, called but no go
      WA5UFH - heard K4MM and W5SNX
      W5SNX - heard a "CQ VA4UP" Dick says he checked call QRZ and doesn't
      exist - not sure who it was
      KD5IUG - was running with W7XU prior to and most of 2m RH but heard
      WA5UFH late in hour

      Station - 6m
      AF4O - heard W5SNX b/s and KD5IUG b/s
      K4FJW - contact KD5IUG, heard K1JT, AF4O and W5SNX
      K4MM - heard W5SNX and KD5IUG (calling AF4O and CQ)
      WA5UFH - worked KD5IUG, heard W5SNX, AF4O and K4FJW
      KD5IUG - Worked WA5UFH, heard and called AF4O, W5SNX, K4FJW and K4MM

      Had a nice note from Claude, W0IC requesting RH info - Hope you will
      join us.

      W5SNX sent this info that might help us "nail him down" during RH:
      "I normally start on 2 with my antenna SW for 12 minutes, then W for 12
      minutes, NW for 12 minutes, NE for 12 minutes, and S for the last 12.
      On 6 I follow the same procedure but start at S and move around to SW
      at last period. - 73, Dick."

      Out of curiosity, I wonder if some of us are missing qso's due to the
      more narrow width of larger/longer beams and low takeoff angle. If some
      have the option (should really say luxury!) of an additional shorter
      beam with fewer elements and possibly on lower mount (or even omin for
      6m) , it would be interesting to see if you have better luck using them
      on a trial basis. Since many that participate are at relatively close
      range, the fewer elements and lower height would result in wider lobe
      and higher takeoff angle. Maybe worth a try. I may switch to squalo
      for part of 6m hour today.

      73 and hope to CU later this morning - Bruce, KD5IUG