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5245RH times: Just for fun, let's take a poll........

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  • Dave Miller
    Sep 18, 2008
      Dear WSJT group,

      We all know that the best time to work meteor scatter is much earlier
      than many of us are willing to get up in the morning. It is truly
      amazing how HOT things are at 4:00am and 5:00am local time!

      But since RH has increased activity as its main goal, the real
      question becomes... what is the earliest local time that the majority
      of us can agree on to get up in the morning and consistently show up?
      This is undoubtedly why the WSJT group wisely chose to lock-in the
      local time rather than lock-in the UTC time....maximum activity is the
      goal for RH.

      Since RH occurs on a Saturday, I personally would wouldn't mind
      getting up (on) at 5am, but in all honesty 6am would be much easier.
      Currently the 7am time (for me) seems a bit too comfortable
      considering that propagation via MS has already begun to fade by then.

      I'm sure this survey has been done before... but I am new to the group
      and am curious what the current consensus would be. So my answer to
      the question, what is the earliest local time that I would be
      comfortable (Translated:actually look forward to) getting on most
      Saturday mornings?

      4:00am 0% too early for a weekly commitment
      5:00am 70% would try, but would be a challenge for me
      6:00am 90% sign me up
      7:00am 75% too late
      8:00am 0% much too late

      I would appreciate your response!


      Dave Miller, N9SS
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