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508Re: [wsjtgroup] Duty Cycle

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  • Charles Plunk
    Jun 20, 2003
      My 2m amp is an RF concepts 2-315 40in-170out.

      I run it with 50 watts drive for between 180-200 out (no element for my bird in that range yet)

      I have a 220v  5" muffin fan running on 110volts on top of it at a 45 degree angle with a bracked I fashioned. The fan runs very quiet.

      Have been running it this way for over a year on WSJT and other modes. I gets only a bit warm during a 30+ minute attempt.

      My Astron RS-50m very warm during this time but can still hold a finger on the fins without much pain hihi.

      I run 2  220v  5" muffin fans on my ft-847 at different angles. Also it has an internal fan. It stays rather cool.

      Much rather burn a brick up than the rig.


      At 01:10 PM 6/17/03, you wrote:
      My 2m RF brick (150W) has a stated duty cycle of < 50%...not good.
      There is a small fan that cuts in when the amp gets warm. If it gets
      too hot (never so far in regular operation) the amp will shut down
      until it cools. My question is...how much of an improvement in duty
      cycle might I reasonably expect if I blow the large top plate heatsink
      with a big squirrel cage blower?

      Also...does anyone use a converted AM-6154/55 for WSJT. I have no idea
      what its duty cycle might be.

      Steve / VE7SL

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