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5052Re: [wsjtgroup] 1501.3 Miles / 2416.157km HSMS Contact Completed !!!

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  • dougwe@comcast.net
    Aug 14 5:03 AM
      Outstanding effort!  Congratulations to both of you.
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      From: "Randy Tipton" <wa5ufh@...>

      I have copied this from Bob and share it with his permission. Don't forget
      to turn in your Perseids contacts for the databases. Go to the wsjtgroup
      webpages and look under "Databases" to see what information you need to
      submit plus see what has been reported.
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      Last night 8/13/08 at 0526Z Larry W7IUV and I completed from EN41vr to
      DM07dg, a new personal best for both of us. He was my 47th state
      terrestrial! This was post peak (allegedly) Perseids for sure. Best from
      him was +5 on calls, +8 on R26 and a 6 second 73 burn at 0527! A 1491 mile
      distance was computed by my Buckmaster CDROM call sign database and this was
      the most conservative calc we got.

      BD2004 W9IP/W1GHZ 's 2004 grid/grid calculator from the NEWS website

      http://www.newsvhf. com/vhf-soft. html

      shows the 6 digit center to 6 digit center at 1497miles. Larry's WinGrid
      program said 1497 also, but my WSJT program version said 1529!! This was
      quite a difference. Obviously there is more to this stuff than meets the
      eye! Of course I realized that it can be off by a few miles depending on
      our exact location within the 6 digit grid, but these numbers were all over
      the map. As an engineer I was determined to find the find the right number
      by using actual Lat/long instead.

      Now this is really cool. I went on the Google maps grid calculator:

      http://www.dxzone. com/cgi-bin/ dir/jump2. cgi?ID=13877

      I steered the map around and found the base of my tower is at 41.7424 N and
      90.1297N. Previously I'd checked this by other means.

      I first calculated the distance from my tower to Larry's Lat/Long in QRZ and
      that came out to 1501.361 miles! But I wanted to be sure a nd get it even
      closer since sometimes the information found in the callsign databases can
      be very wrong. So using Larry's lat/long from QRZ and the pictures of his
      QTH on his website

      http://www.w7iuv. com/

      I found his house on the Google satellite map and determined that his EME
      tower base is at 47.2595 and 119.7241 (both within 0.0001 degree).

      A run with the W9IP calculator again determined that tower to tower we'd
      just worked 1501.330 miles or 2416.157 km!!!! Very close! Then in an
      email Larry gave me slightly different numbers directly from his GPS:

      47� 15.564' N and 119 in BD 2004 � 43.463' W

      and that calculated out in W9IP to 1501.343 miles, or within about 70 feet
      of what I'd determined! Larry then ran Wingrid rounded off to the nearest
      whole second and came up with 1501.3 himself. These calcs seem to be in
      good agreement, so we can now say with some confidence that we worked over
      1501 miles!

      The 1500 mile barrier has been officially broken!!

      Does it get any better than that??!!

      73 de K2DRH EN41vr

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