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5051Re: 1501.3 Miles / 2416.157km HSMS Contact Completed !!!

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  • Jerry Siegmund
    Aug 13, 2008
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      What by chance, is the Record for Terrestrial on 2M if you would know? The only 'Really Good One' I have.. (that just sorrta 'Popped Up') was during the ARRL June Contest. I use Kenwood Single Band Rigs.. was working 6M SSB when I heard W5DDR in NM on 2M SSB! We completed the exchange, then chatted for a bit as to where everyone was.. and both agreed they were on 6M missing the Prop on 2M.. a bit over 1300mi for me.. with 2X13B2's at 25/35'.. and 150W.. So was a 'memorable accomplishment' in my Record Book anyway! (he was an honest 5/7 to 5/9+ on the S Meter too!)
      My Best MS on 2M was with N0PB EM39wo at 1229mi (same set up as above!) Have a 70W PS to Run my 300W Mirage on its way! And putting up 4x2M12's at 35/45'.. So chasing the 1502 shortly!
      Congrats on the 'Terrific Feat' to Both You Guys.. gonna have Many Chasing That Now!
      Jerry VE6CPP
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