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4814A proposal - WSPR common phrase index

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  • Anthony Cutler
    May 31, 2008
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      I'm excited to see the potential of WSPR as a QRP,
      weak-signal mode. Of course, fitting a QSO into 50
      bits is a challenge beyond the basics. However, I was
      figured a simple common phrase substitution might
      work. Here's my proposal:

      Built into the WSPR program is a database of thousands
      (tens of thousands?) of common phrases, each with
      their own index code. The index codes could be
      anything, but for this example lets just use 0-9,a-z.
      So, the first phrase would be indexed 0, the next
      would be 1 and so forth with the 36th in the list
      being z. The next one would be 00, after that would be
      01, and so on till the end. A long example might be

      This would provide a very large index with a number of
      characters representing it. For only 5 characters
      you'd get 60 million possible phrases.

      This works well for specific things like radio
      manufacturer, country of origin, etc. A sample string
      could be:

      "Rig: Yaesu FT-857 Country: Zimbabwe Tower: Rohn 25G
      Antenna: Mosely TA-33 Jr"

      Yaesu FT-857 - index "g5"
      Zimbabwe - index "02"
      Rohn 25 - index "6h"
      Mosely TA-33 Jr - index "y7"

      You could use phonetics to shorten the string without
      indexing. However for semi-common strings like "my
      truck broke down", you could index that if you had an
      index ranging in the millions/billions of

      I welcome any comments. What's the feasibility of
      this? Would phonetics be better?

      -73 de Anthony, KE7HQy