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4809WSPR New Digital Mode - QSO Completed

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  • Mark Thompson
    May 30, 2008
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      WSPR QSO Completed
      WSPR is a new digital mode that hams have been experimenting with on HF and VHF bands over the last few months. Joe Taylor K1JT has been the driving force behind this weak signal development.

      WSJT is capable of extremely weak signal detection way below the noise floor due to its use of very robust Forward Error Correction techniques.

      Stations previously have been operating using beacon like transmissions to test the capabilities of the mode using very low power often way less than 1Watt.

      On May 6 2008 the first two way QSO was made using WSPR between K1JT and W6CQZ on 30meters using simple antennas and 1Watt TX power.

      Take a look at this link if interested in that QSO and what might be to come in future releases of WSJT:


      If you are interested in experimenting with this mode you can download the free software at:


      I think that a lot of very interesting experimentation is going on and we are going to continue to hear about breakthrough uses of this technology. Thanks to K1JT and others for all their hard work.

      By WB3BEL

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