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474GPS/PCMCIA Question

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Jun 1, 2003
      Trying to get my mobile/rover setup more convenient with respect to PC
      real time clock setting/synch. Given I have one COM port in the old
      ThinkPad, and the Rascal is already using it, I am considering a flash
      card type GPS with PCMCIA adapter. I may well be able to use the flash
      card GPS in a Palm to boot. I have about decided on a Delou GPSCFD unit
      with PCMCIA adapter, extenal ant and software.

      Question to group is really more related to what signals are available
      coming to a PC from a PCMCIA card. Since the card is apparently "seen"
      as a COM port, what lines are available that would be equivalent to
      RS-232 lines - particularly the DSR and/or CTS line for the 1 PPS signal
      that NMEATime requires. The Delou's unit supports NMEA 0183 (v2.2) with
      GGA, GSA, GSV, RMC, VTG, and GLL - I'm learning more about NMEA gps
      sentences than I ever cared to!! Actual lat/long fix is of secondary
      importance - generally know where I am and also can generate high
      detail/street level area maps with MapInfo of grid intersections I'm
      traveling through.

      So far, I've been blessed in that the old ThinkPad real time clock seems
      to keep darn good time - certainly good enough for 6m FSK441. I just
      set watch from home PC running D4 and then check and/or set the one in
      truck May actually have to reset it a few seconds every week or so.
      With Es season here, I'm guessing I will be trying JT44 and it will be
      the mode that needs the tight time control - although JT6M seems to be
      doing well for Es and timing requirements are no worse than FSK441.

      Any GPS and/or PCMCIA guru's out there? Please respond direct. This
      topic is certainly probably not of great interest to most.

      TNX in advance - Bruce, KD5IUG