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4735/24/03 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    May 31, 2003
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      Helps to hit the SEND button! Had this ready and thought it was sent
      last night

      Thanks to thoses that participated and reported. Several "new faces"
      seen and heard last week - Welcome!

      Station (2m)
      AF4O - Heard WA5UFH and W5SNX
      W5SNX - worked K4FJW; heard WA5UFH calling AF4O
      and KC5OAO calling CQ
      WA5UFH - Contact with AF4O Heard W5SNX; KC5OAO
      KC5OAO - Heard WA3LTB, W5SNX, AF4O, and WA5UFH

      Station (6m)
      AF4O - Heard KC5OAO, AA9MY, W5SNX, and K4FJW
      W5SNX - nil
      WA5UFH - worked WB4ECR and KC5OAO and heard K4FJW; KD5IUG;
      AA9MY; W5SNX
      KC5OAO - worked WA5UFH, but heard - K4FJW, AA9MY, W9BLI, AF4O,
      WB4ECR, and W5SNX. James commented he heard most of these
      work each other - Good Deal!
      KD5IUG - heard W5SNX, WA5UFH, AF4O, AA9MY, KC5OAO, K4FJW and
      WB4ECR (Had family here but monitored and able to call
      for a few minutes)