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4609WSPR mailing list?

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  • Bruce Walker
    Apr 5, 2008
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      On what mailing list should we consolidate discussion regarding WSPR/
      MEPT_JT? It seems that pretty much anything regarding WSPR has been
      cross-posted to wsjtgroup, digitalradio, and knightsqrss groups,
      sometimes others as well. I would like there to be a primary list we
      can encourage regular WSPR operators to join so that we can have
      discussions on frequency coordination, updates to the wsprnet.org site
      or upload practices, etc.

      It seems that there are two logical places: here on wsjtgroup or on a
      new group (wsprnet?) created just for this purpose. As to size and
      scale, we have just under 100 unique callsigns on a typical day, with
      more like 150 unique callsigns over the last week. About 2/3 of the
      calls seen also upload spots. That is quite a network of regular
      operators it would be nice to coordinate, only a fraction of which are
      on the chat/spot page now on wsprnet.org.

      Personally, I think wsjtgroup makes the most sense (so I'm posing the
      question here first), but if there is sufficient interest in creating
      a new list, I will do so.

      --bruce W1BW
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