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4404/26/03 Random Hour Report

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  • Bruce Brackin
    May 2, 2003
      TNX to those stations that sent reports. Here is hoping for a good
      Saturday morning on 5/3 and for the Rally! Could get wild so some may
      wish to do call with U/D offset

      Station (2m)
      WA5UFH - heard KD5IUG and W5SNX
      W5SNX - heard WA5UFH
      KD5IUG - heard WA5UFH

      Station (6m)
      K1SIX - worked W5SNX, heard K7BV/1 (I bet!)
      WW2R - worked WA5UFH, heard W5SNX and KC5OAO
      WA5UFH - worked KD5IUG and WW2R, heard KC5OAO and K4WRI
      KD5IUG - worked WA5UFH, heard W5SNX, KC5OAO, WW2R, K1SIX, K7BV/1 and
      K4WRI (worked Robert after RH)

      CU in the AM - GL - Bruce, KD5IUG