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4365Configuration problem with WSJT or Vista ... or Both?

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  • pmanfre10
    Mar 1, 2008
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      Anyone run into this problem. I am running WSJT6 (not the Beta) with
      a Rigblaster Plug and Play....works flawlessly...no problems...on an
      Acer Extenza Laptop (Dual-Core 1.6Ghz) with built in sound card and
      Windows Vista Home. I wanted to use a different (better for our
      purposes) sound card so I bought a Signalink USB (built in sound
      Codex)....I could not get to to run more than one time...it would Rx
      fine and Tx fine....but upon shut down and restart of WSJT ...I would
      get an error stating something like 11025... channels ... -9998 (in
      the dos window and nothing would work any longer...unless I
      uninstalled WSJT and reinstalled it ...then it would work only one
      time again (something gets corrupted in the config on exiting).

      Figuring it was an incompatability with the Signalink I returned it
      and bought a Digikeyer (also built in usb sound CODEX)...exact same
      problem....yet when I go back to the rigblaster it works fine as
      usual. It is neither the signalink or Digikeyer...because they both
      work fine with other programs on the same computer and radio. It has
      something to do with the way WSJT is handling the sound card info on
      VISTA...I think.

      Any ideas or help would be appreciated...really would like to use
      the "better for ham purposes " sound card USB Codex.

      Pete WA2ODO