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4331Re: [wsjtgroup] Newbie Question from an "Oldtimer"

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  • Paul Whatton
    Feb 22, 2008
      Thanks Russ and everyone who replied to this and clarified what an
      initial means. I had always assumed that if I used my second callsign
      from here it wouldn't count as a new initial which is why I was suprised
      at the definition.

      BTW do any of you need JO00 on 2m EME? Our M0MAD contest QTH is JO00EW
      and I can rustle up a pair of M2 17 elements down there. I'll be there
      for the ARRL HF SSB contest over the first weekend in March. It's also
      the European 2m and 70cm contest but this year we are concentrating on
      HF. No promises but if there are enough HF ops I may take 2m anyway. We
      have internet so if I can be QRV on EME that weekend I'll pop up on the
      JT65 EME chat at chris.org

      73 Paul G4DCV/G8FUR/M0MAD

      Russ K2TXB wrote:
      > Randy, you did not comment on my previous post in your reply to Paul,
      > but I want to make my point again, and in (I hope) a slightly clearer way.
      > In the EME community, a new initial is not determined as a new call
      > sign, but by whether or not you have previously worked the same
      > physical station in the same physical location.
      > Thus if I get a new call and continue operating at the same location
      > it does not count for a new initial for anyone. Nor does it count if
      > I operate my station with a different call for a contest, or just a
      > guest operator - because it is the same station.
      > On the other hand, if I pack up my station and move it to a different
      > location, that is far enough away, then it does count for a new
      > initial even though I use the same call sign.
      > Another example would be if a portable station sets up his station on
      > my property. Now this is a different set of physical equipment, and
      > everyone he works gets a new initial from it.
      > In no case does the call sign used matter, it is the station and
      > location that matters. Therefore I contend that whoever said it was
      > determined by a different call sign is incorrect.
      > Logically, what bragging rights would I have by saying I have worked
      > 15000 initials on 2 meters, if half of them were duplicate contacts
      > with the same station, but using a different call? It is far more of
      > an achievement that I can say that I worked 15000 different stations
      > on 2 meters.
      > I think a lot of the newer hams do not recognise the difference
      > between a station and a call. But it is significant. I invite anyone
      > to post this same question on moon-net. I think you will find that
      > everyone there will agree with the above. But I do not believe this
      > definition of initials should be exclusive to EME. It makes more
      > sense in general.
      > Very 73, Russ K2TXB
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