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4295Re: [wsjtgroup] Help Out the 'Newbies'.. Decoding MS..

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  • Bruce Brackin, N5SIX
    Jan 31, 2008
      Jer - A good question and also good advice from Barry and Tip. I would
      add a couple of additional comments. Watch and note the DF on received
      Message 1 and/or 2 and the SH messages DF should be close to them (+/-
      doppler and the ~43 Hz DF roundoff in 5.9.x).

      In addition, know the message sqeuence steps. If you are sending both
      calls, you would not be expecting a SH R26/27 (or RRR or 73). So if you
      decode one, it is either false, for someone else or your partner has
      jumped the gun. Same logic down the message line. You can always press
      F5 to see the proper sequence and what to expect and what to send. When
      in doubt, you can always tag the normal SH messages with their suffix,
      particularly on 6m. Adding anything to Message 3-5 will force program
      to tx them as multi-tone (MT's). That will usually alert a random
      partner to go MT's also. SH's are a great tool when you get a good
      understanding of them and used off the calling freqs.

      GL - Bruce, N5SIX
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