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4292Help Out the 'Newbies'.. Decoding MS..

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  • Jerry
    Jan 31, 2008
      OK.. as I have been In-Active for 15yrs or so.. I had no Idea what
      FSK or JT65 was! To me.. FSK was "Frequency Shift Keying" ! And it
      still may as well be!
      As a 'Newbie'.. I find the biggest problem on MS is knowing
      the R26 I just Decoded as 'Noise' or a 'Static Crash'..
      Is it not possible to Add.. R26 de VE6CPP for example? Even RRR or
      73 de VE6CPP?
      At least when we see the R26 and a call.. we will know we are Rx'g
      it from the Station we are trying to Contact?

      Also.. Can we refer to each 'Completed Contact'.. as "A Contact" and
      not a QSO..? I know, a contest Scenario consists of a Call and 59..
      That is a 'Contact'.. When we exchange the equipment, weather, our
      2nd Cousin Twice Removed, Married to your Cousin's 2nd Cousin.. That
      is "A QSO"

      If my one PC is doing the work.. and I am checking my e-mail, or
      just Web Browsing on the other.. Did I make a QSO.. or just a
      Dont get me wrong.. I enjoy the Mode.. and am 'Still Learning'.. And
      the 'Best Help' is from "All the Guys on Ping Jockey"..
      Ive amassed a Total of 12 in a Month..6 over 1000mi and one at
      (some tell me I am dong 'Really Good..' For 170W on 2M..and
      a 'Newbie'!)

      I was just thinking.. as this Mode Gets More Popular..(and there
      is 'Plenty of Interest now that the Locals have heard I can
      work 1200mi+ on 2M..)
      Isn't there an easier way to help the 'Newbies'?
      Just my thoughts.. 73 and look forward to working you 'All Soon'

      VE6CPP VE6Jee/p
      (A Virtual Desert on VHF/UHF)
      (OK.. Its 'Just Me..!' So Far..)
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