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410Promote WSJT and K1JT Joe.........and get some more involved

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  • Don
    Apr 1, 2003
      Hello All:

      Those of you in the group here that have used the WSJT program/modes
      please support K1JT Joe's hard work and effort and give a short
      review on this great FREE digital mode sofware for weaksignal work on
      VHF/UHF...what better way to thank Joe than to have others get
      involved and using this software so we have more stations/ops to
      work. I was looking on EHAM reviews under 'Ham Software' and
      noticed there was only 2 reviews on this....that might lead one to
      think that no one is using this software or anyone has interest in it
      and I think not only it is worth promoting but if other viewers on
      EHAM notice that this software had 50 reviews vs 2 it would indicate
      that it is not only being used but is highly recommended and others
      might give it a try and join in!


      de kb9umt Don EN50dp
      just a thought
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