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3994Meteor scatter Activity this morning

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  • wa3ltb@juno.com
    Sep 1, 2007
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      Hello All,

           I was beginning to think all the hype about this brief meteor shower was a bunch of baloney as others have been.  I heard absolutely nothing from W5UWB EL17 for 50 minutes into our hour sked between 1000-1100Z and was about to throw in the towel when all of a sudden I got a strong full sequence reply with both calls and reports, it was so strong I thought it was someone local fooling around but I replied with my SingleTone  R26 report then got back my RRR's on another full sequence reply.  Until I actually heard his CW ID the next sequence I couldn't believe it was real! John (W5UWB) and I have been trying for a MS completion for some time now with a few near completions but finally did it this time!  For me it is my longest 2M HSMS qso to date traveling 1384 miles, and Thanks to John's patience and good station this little 100 watt station can still have the same fun as the big boys...hi...hi

          Times like this make all the boring times that we have all experienced worth while, and remember not to give up on those qso's, things happen fast sometimes when they do happen and you might miss out on something big!

      73's to ALL

      WA3LTB Terry....

      EN92ta Lake City, Pa............

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