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3881Re: [wsjtgroup] Power output reading when using WSJT modes?

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  • WD0M
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Hi Bill,

      What I believe you're seeing is "average" power
      out. If you transmitted CW, RTTY or FM, you'd
      see 500 watts. The WSJT tones are similar to
      voice - you'll see an average power out, that may
      hit 500 watts on peak. My guess is that all is
      well. Just have fun with the contacts!



      At 10:49 AM 8/1/2007, billdz.geo wrote:
      >Hi folks,
      >I picked up a nice Tokyo HyPower HL500-V 500w 2m amp just for use with
      >WSJT. Tested it with an FM carrier and got a full 500w output
      >reading. Also tested on SSB, whistled into the mike and the output
      >meter went to 500w on peaks.
      >Then ran my first WSJT sked on FSK441 on 2m and was distressed to see
      >that the output meter was reading only 300w. Checked Tx Volume, ALC
      >level, etc, and all seems OK. Then tried it on JT6M and the meter
      >then showed close to 500w, just a bit lower than with FM.
      >So my question is whether this is normal. The FSK441 tones are lower
      >in pitch than the JT6M tones, does this account for the difference?
      >Or do I perhaps need to reshape the audio response curve on my rig?
      >Or is there perhaps a deeper problem?
      >Bill NZ5N
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