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3880Power output reading when using WSJT modes?

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  • billdz.geo
    Aug 1, 2007
      Hi folks,

      I picked up a nice Tokyo HyPower HL500-V 500w 2m amp just for use with
      WSJT. Tested it with an FM carrier and got a full 500w output
      reading. Also tested on SSB, whistled into the mike and the output
      meter went to 500w on peaks.

      Then ran my first WSJT sked on FSK441 on 2m and was distressed to see
      that the output meter was reading only 300w. Checked Tx Volume, ALC
      level, etc, and all seems OK. Then tried it on JT6M and the meter
      then showed close to 500w, just a bit lower than with FM.

      So my question is whether this is normal. The FSK441 tones are lower
      in pitch than the JT6M tones, does this account for the difference?
      Or do I perhaps need to reshape the audio response curve on my rig?
      Or is there perhaps a deeper problem?

      Bill NZ5N
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