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3749Logs by June 9th / PJ down ... shouldn't be a problem if...

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  • Randy Tipton
    Jun 3, 2007
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      If you operated the Spring NAHSMS Contest and plan to submit a log please do
      so. The deadline is June 9th and logs should be submitted to wa5ufh@...

      I have been gone over the weekend, found PJ down when I returned. It looks
      to me like the logger activity is split between several internet loggers
      while PJ is down. The WSJTGROUP has long supported the use of the Ping
      Online Scheduler when Ping Jockey Pages are down.

      For more information on this logger you can look at the WSJTGROUP webpages.
      The pages provided by Lee are very similar to Ping Jockey and easy to use.
      (In fact there are features not found in PJ) Yes you have to log in ...
      takes a little time but I believe it is worth the trouble for the extra
      benefits. It would be nice to see us all on the same logger when PJ is down.
      Thanks Lee for the great pages.