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  • Bruce Brackin
    Jun 3, 2007
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      Jim, KM5PO is ready for a final head count to plan for. If you would
      like to attend and haven't sent me a note, please do so before tomorrow
      (Monday). A copy of the original note is below.

      TNX - Bruce, N5SIX

      Ham-Com in DFW (Plano) is once again just around the corner. We are
      attempting to round up those interested in any facet of WSJT for a
      social gathering, stories (lies) and some food. We've done this a
      couple of times and had good fun. While restaurants are fine for the
      eating part, they are not a great place for the informal visiting and
      talking we like to do. So, we have prevailed on Eric, NM5M, to reserve
      us a pavilion at Shawnee Park very near the Plano Center for the evening
      of Friday, June the 8th. We think this will be a much better setting.

      The official schedule will be for most people to arrive between 5:30 and
      6:30 and the main eats served at 6:30. To keep things simple, we are
      planning a big takeout order from Shady Oak Barbeque and Grille (where
      we ate last year). Jim will need a fairly firm count and commitment by
      June 1st so he can get the order in. Cost will be about $12-15 per
      person and we'll get some menu choices out to those planning to attend.
      YL's and XYL's are invited and I know several will be there.

      We actually have the pavilion from 3pm until 9pm when the park closes
      and some of us will be around in case some want to arrive early. I'm
      sure we'll have some iced down drinks and snacks on hand to hold us to

      Please email me direct if you plan to attend or need more info. We have
      a mail list set up to get more info out to those coming as the time
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