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    May 31, 2007

      Can I introduce myself to the group please? Licensed since 1972; located in
      Buckinghamshire, Central England (IO92nb). Had been mainly into VHF until
      the local planning people made me take down all my aerials! Now mainly
      operate HF datamodes (DXCC on RTTY).

      I got interested in the use of meteor scatter after reading ZS5JF's book on
      Amateur Radio Astronomy. I have had a look around the internet for some
      basic introductions to the mode, but can I ask a few additional basic
      questions here please?

      It looks like MS activity in the past was mainly on 2 metres, but this has
      now shifted to 6 metres. Is this correct? Starting out on MS, which band
      would I be best to concentrate my efforts please?

      I have an IC756 Pro which I can use for 6m or an IC706 MK2G for 6m and 2m.
      100 watts on 6m and 50 watts on 2m MAX. I guess duty cycle is an issue

      I only have a small garden and it already has 2 HF wires and an HF vertical
      in it so I am restricted as to what I can put up in terms of a VHF aerial.
      Ideally, something the local planning people won't see I'm surrounded by a
      12 foot high wall) - planning permission is not an option as I live in a
      conservation area and in a 300 year old listed building! Any
      recommendations please for a 'starter' approach to MS in terms of aerials?

      Thanks in advance.


      Andrew G8GNI / M5AEX