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3639Re: [wsjtgroup] NASA/MSFC Forward Scatter Meteors page up

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  • Bruce Brackin
    May 3 4:29 AM
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      GM Phil - You are correct. 67.250 is Channel 4. Brain to finger
      connection problem hi! Main thing is the "bean counter" works. I also
      monitor TV2 carriers. Best ones here are on 55.239.44(USB). Others on
      55.250+/- and 55.260+/-.

      For those interested, carriers can be viewed on SpecJT (in any of the
      JT65 modes), plain Spectran, Argo QRSS viewer or any PSK waterfall. ARGO
      is my favorite for watching pings off carrier(s) since you can find
      where pings are hitting in the AF bandpass and then click on the freq
      and run expanded scale display around that freq.

      Bruce, N5SIX
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