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  • Bruce Brackin
    May 2, 2007
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      Several have noticed one of the better ping counters is operational
      again. Rob, KB5EZ, is with NASA at Marshall Space Flight Center and the
      counter, while located there, is his personal project. It had been down
      since September. Rob uses a tuned beam pointed to the zenith and
      monitors a TV Channel 3 carrier on 67.25 MHz.

      The best use of the counter is comparing it from day to day and using it
      to gauge relative meteor activity. It certainly tracks the normal daily
      up's and down's. Keep in mind that TV carriers are high power and will
      produce many more 'hits' than we typically see during 6 and 2m runs so
      don't let the absolute numbers fool you. However, from experience, when
      the numbers start reaching the 300 and up level, you can about bet on
      very good meteor scatter runs.

      http://www.knology.net/~suggs/bigradar2.gif is the URL

      If anyone knows Rob or is in his area, please tell him thanks for his
      efforts if you have the opportunity.

      Bruce, N5SIX
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