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  • Harry Popov
    May 2, 2007
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      Hi Andy,

      Is 20 feet height good for the antenna depends from the boom length of
      the antenna alone. Here is a picture of our two antennaes we used during
      our MS expedition in KN42AA.


      One on the left is 8el DJ9BV on 4.2m boom. Mast is 4m high. The other
      one on the right is 15el DJ9BV on 8.40m boom. That antenna was only 5m
      above the ground. Using 100W on both stations we made 200 QSOs on 144Mhz

      So 20 feet, which is 6m up is quite enough for serious MS work. It is
      much more important to have clear horizont /take off/.

      Hope this helps.

      73, Harry LZ1BB
      More pictures from MS expedition in KN41AX/KN42AA:
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