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  • Andrew O'Brien
    May 1, 2007
      Well, my attempt to randomly capture a 2M MS signal with my lowly 2M
      vertical failed. Two Saturdays of monitoring, no signals heard or
      decoded. Still have never decoded a MS FSK441 signal.

      So, plan B. The 12 element 2M Yagi should be installed Friday if the
      weather is good, it will be horizontally polarized. At this point, I
      will probably only get it about 20 feet off the ground. For MS work,
      what impact does height above ground have on QSO attempts? I'm used
      to line-of-sight issues for 2M FM work, but I assume that other
      factors come in to play for MS SSB work on 2M ?

      Any other tips for try this Saturday with the 14 dBi gain antenna ?

      Andy K3UK
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