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3534Understanding message reply system

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  • Andrew O'Brien
    Apr 1, 2007
      I'm trying to reconcile the help file info with what I see on my screen.

      The help files say...
      A typical minimal QSO in FSK441 or JT6M modes might look something
      like the following:
      1. CQ K1JT
      2. K1JT W8WN
      3. W8WN K1JT 27
      4. JT R26
      5. WN RRR
      6. 73 W8WN 12


      I called a CQ in JT65A and received...

      K3UK G4PCI IO91

      I then sent message number one... I'm not sure if the following was in
      response to me but the next I received was...

      G4PCI RO

      Should I take that as a response to me? What do I respond to that
      with ? My message 2 (G4PCI K3UK FN02 OOO) or my message number 3 (RO)

      When do I send my message number 4, after receiving RO from the other

      Where does R26, 27 and 12 come in to play?
      Andy K3UK