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3459WSJT - 5.9.6

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  • w8ern
    Feb 4, 2007
      Hello everyone,

      I am having a basic problem of not being able to get received noise
      in the latest WSJT program. Just a straight green line with Monitor
      ON. Sample wave files are working - so we know the program works.

      Am using a Windows XP Pentium 4 Processor at 2.0 Ghz with a seperate
      Creative sound card. Also using a RIGblaster that has been working
      well with my sound card and with MANY other Ham programs.

      Have tried setting Line-in to max level with no success. Have even
      uninstalled the program and re installed. Have exhausted my ideas
      with this problem.

      Is their something I have overlooked ? Does the ini file have to be
      changed ? Any suggestion would be very much appreciated.

      Am anxious to particiapte in some 6 M Dxing and any help or
      suggestions would be much . Would like to acknowledge my friend
      Terry - WA3LTP who has been kind enough to share some of his thoughts
      to my delima.

      Thank you - Angelo - W8ERN