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345501/27/2007 Random Hour Summary

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  • Bruce Brackin
    Feb 2, 2007
      We are sure in the winter doldrums rock wise. But things can only improve!

      Station 2m
      KC0HLN - Nothing heard
      WA5UFH - Heard N5SIX and WQ5S
      N5SIX - Worked AB3BK, CWNW WA3LTB

      Station 6m
      N9EGT - Worked N5SIX, heard N1MNU and WB9IIV
      KC0HLN - Worked KE2N, CWNR N1MNU (U20) and WQ5S, heard WA5UFH
      WA5UFH - Worked K4AL, WQ5S b/s and WA4HFN, CWNR KC0HLN, N9EGT and W0IOH,
      heard WB9F, KA0FBJ, KE2N and K5RHR
      W0IOH - Worked KE7NR, WA5UFH,and K5RHR
      N5SIX - Worked N9EGT and AB3BK, CWNR KC0HLN and N1MNU U20), heard WB9IIV

      Better rocks tomorrow - Bruce, N5SIX
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