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3425Re: [wsjtgroup] WSJT and FT-897D

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  • Larry
    Jan 2, 2007
      The "low power out on digital modes" has been fixed. Since I did not get any response from my original post, I thought I'd post the solution and add to the general knowledge base.

      The problem was with my new FT-897D and WSJT (also MMTTY) using the AFSK input and the radios digital mode. The output power was low even though the ALC level indicator said the audio level was more than adequate. The interface and audio levels used were the exact same as I have been using successfully with my TS-2000 for quite some time. Since the TS-2000 worked fine with the interface, I assumed the problem was with the FT-897D radio.

      Once I dragged a scope over to the radio and looked at the audio line, it was obvious what the problem was. Some high frequency crap (no doubt from a switching power supply somewhere in the shack) was riding on the audio tone and causing the ALC to pump up and limit the power output.  It seems that the TS-2000 has some audio filtering on the digital input that the FT-897D does not. Anyway, it was easy to fix and now all is well with both radios.

      I'm looking forward to making some MS contacts with this new radio in the next few days.

      73, Larry
      Larry - W7IUV
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