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3419WSJT and FT-897D

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  • w7iuv
    Dec 31, 2006
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      Just got a nice new Yaesu FT-897D. Part of the justification for this
      radio was using it as an IF radio on 220 and 1296 so that I could run
      WSJT modes on those bands.

      I find that the power output when using the "digital" ASFK input is
      low. It doesn't matter if the tones are generated by MMTTY or by WSJT.
      I get about 85 watts max no matter what band I try (1.8 - 50) or where
      I set the tone level or the internal "digital" input level. Output
      power in any other mode is OK, the power out is low only when using
      the digital tone input.

      Before I drag over a bunch of test equipment and start a long trouble
      shooting effort, I thought I'd see if anyone else ran into this and
      had a solution.

      Thanks & HNY!

      Larry - W7IUV
      DN07dg - central WA
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