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  • Randy Tipton
    Nov 30 7:11 PM
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      I was working with N4WO (Greg) tonight on six meters. He seems to transmit
      of but does not receive very well at all. He would like to verify all the
      settings for his IC 746 Pro. If anyone uses the IC746 Pro for wsjt and could
      share the setting with him it would be appreciated. Greg mentions "TNC"
      settings; I am unfamiliar with this menu since it was not on my old IC-746.

      Please share all the menu settings and interface wiring pin-outs etc.

      Greg's email is cwdxer@...

      I copied several fsk441 pings from Greg and he received only my RRR's
      (single tones) while testing? I am wondering if he needs a few more dB's on
      the receive end. His antenna is a moxon and our distance is about 860 miles,
      we should both be hearing each other often via meteors at that distance.

      However it would be helpful if someone using the same rig could share their
      settings with him before he looks further. (What works for you should work
      with his IC746Pro)